AdN². Vision, missions and values

When the AWT became the AdN in 2015, the agency redefined its vision, roles and values. Remaining true to its identity as well as its traditional commitments, they convey the agency’s desire to take up the challenges and seize the opportunities that the digital transformation represents.

The AdN² Project

A collaborative rebuilding mission based on a vision, roles and values was launched in 2015 within the context of the AdN2 project. The AdN’s Board of Directors approved this project in 2015.


Open, innovative and neutral, the AdN is well-known as a catalyst for the region’s digital transformation, a centre of expertise and a valued advisor to the Walloon Government and to Wallonia.


  • Monitoring the region’s digital intelligence.This role is the starting point for the agency’s expertise, which is put to use for the benefit of the Minister for Digital Affairs, the Walloon Government and more generally, everyone involved in the digital world in Wallonia.
  • Acting as a hub to promote digital technology.Promoting best practices and helping to make sure they are adopted are the logical solutions for generating a profit from the outcome of the monitoring process, for the benefit of Digital Wallonia.
  • Implementing the digital transformation.This role is particularly crucial within the context of implementing the digital strategy.

The fulfilment of these three key roles is covered by the agency’s 2017-2021 Management Contract.


  • Developing digital technology starts with sharing experiences, collaborating with lots of different stakeholders, establishing a climate of trust and encouraging a strong team spirit to encourage Wallonia’s development.
  • Embodying the public service of the future right now, we want to make sure we uphold the highest levels of performance and professionalism in everything we do. To achieve this, we will not hesitate to be creative and innovative, whilst always focusing on achieving the expected results.
  • Striving towards Wallonia’s digital transformation also demands real respect for people and society, which is translated by getting on with everyone, complete integrity and transparency when it comes to decision-making processes.
  • The involvement and energy of each and every one of the people who work for us feed into the enthusiasm of the whole team to help us face up to our challenges.